1) What services does Gravitazz offer?
The Gravitazz Institute for Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management offers a wide range of
services to Governments, Companies and Civil Society Organizations, mainly in English and French, in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Development. In addition to research and technical support, Gravitazz Institute will offer exceptional instructor-led courses running per region starting in February 2017. We will also be offering online courses and webinars designed to match your availability.
2) Where does Gravitazz operate?
Our Institute is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. However we cover the whole African continent.
3) What kind of work has Gravitazz done in the past?
Examples of our past work includes:
  • Facilitation of workshops on the domestication of the Sendai Framework for Swaziland’s National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) and Malawi’s Department of Disaster Managemetn Affairs (DoDMA)
  •  Formulation of Swaziland’s NDMA 5-year Strategy
  • Provision of Technical Assistance to the UN and the Government of Namibia with regards to the Drought Response
  • Provision of Technical assistance during the Malawi flood response in 2005
  • Publication of Research articles on DRR related matters in our monthly newsletters
4) What kind of consultancy services does Gravitazz offer?
Our strength lies in our ability to identify gaps and find tailor-made approaches to address them both in the private and public sectors. We specifically cover the following areas:
  1. Capacity Building: We carry out skills audits to assess the strengths as well as the needs of clients. On the basis of this audit, we are able to design a customised package that would suit their needs. Capacity Building includes training, coaching, mentoring, advising and direct practical interventions.
  2. Technical Support: We offer a range of support services to the public and private sectors. This is done through direct and indirect deployment of our expert staff to the client over a period of time. Technical support is offered in the same range of services as in Capacity Building, but over a slightly longer period of time. This might also include Research and Communications.
5) How can I get more information on Gravitazz institute’s training programmes?
Kindly contact us at info@gravitazzcontinental.com to receive our training calendar and brochure.
6) What is the Sendai Series of Workshops?
The Africa Workshop Series is a string or workshops organised by Gravitazz. The workshops are targeting Sub-Saharan African countries and aimed at supporting country stakeholders in integrating the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR 2015 – 2030). The workshop reflects on national policies, framework and strategies, and how they can be aligned to the SFDRR in order to achieve the goals set for 2030. It also explores the SADC Peer Review Mechanism and aims to set strategies in light of the “Sendai Seven Campaign: Seven Targets, Seven Years” recently launched by the UN Secretary-General. Lastly, it highlights the links between the SFDRR and other global instruments and frameworks related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to Climate Change Adaptation.
7) How can I request Gravitazz to organise such a workshop in my country?
Gravitazz Institute organises these workshops upon request. Contact us to request more information or if you would like us to run a workshop for stakeholders in your country. These practical workshops typically last 3 days and are aimed at disaster management practitioners, government officials and policy makers from Disaster Management Agencies as well as partners of Government, including UN agencies and NGOs with a direct interest in DRR.
8) By which authority are Gravitazz trainings accredited?
Gravitazz is fully accredited by the LGSETA (Local Governance Sector Education Authority) of South Africa in the area of Disaster Management and Environmental Management.
9) How can I be placed on Gravitazz’ roster of experts?
Kindly send your CV to info@gravitazzcontinental.com if you would like to be placed in our roster.
10) What is DIMA Connect?
DIMA Connect is a Disaster Management Network/Whatsapp group, which is mainly a networking and information-sharing platform aimed at linking Disaster Risk Reduction practitioners and experts from across the African continent. Other areas of focus include Climate Change Adaptation, Sustainable Development, Environment, Resilience, Ecosystems and Natural Resources Management. Currently, our platform brings together over a hundred participants from a variety of sectors (Government, CSOs, UN agencies, RECs, etc.) and countries such as Burundi, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, allowing for a fruitful exchange of information and best practices among like-minded professionals.
11) How can I be added to DIMA connect WhatsApp group?
You can send an email request to info@gravitazzcontinental.com, containing your name and mobile number [including your international dialing code].
12) How can I contribute to your quarterly publication?
Calls for papers will be circulated 2-3 months before each edition’s publication through Gravitazz main communication platforms (Email, Website, and Social Media). The Gravitazz Publication Series will present a selection of articles drawing from the institute’s extensive network of experts on the African continent with the purpose of providing compelling research-based knowledge on DRR in order to inform the scientific community, the media, policy and decision-makers as well as the broader public on pressing topics and future research areas. It will be published on a quarterly basis resulting in four editions per year.
13) How can I subscribe to your mailing list and receive updates on Gravitazz’s work, calls for applications, as well as the Gravitazz quarterly publication?
In order to be placed in our mailing list and receive regular updates from us, kindly send us an email request at info@gravitazzcontinental.com
14) What is Gravitazz Continental Initiative?
Gravitazz Continental Initiative (GCI) is a Not for Profit Organization based in Johannesburg, South Africa, with a focus on Africa. It draws attention to neglected issues on the continent; these include the management and conservation of natural resources, land governance, disaster prevention and environmental protection, accountability and sustainable management of land across the African continent. The foundation thereby seeks to significantly improve livelihoods and to contribute to socio-economic development. Thus, GCI encourages the conservation of natural resources and the empowerment of communities to determine their own long-term destinies.

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