Gravitazz-Logo-FA-01Gravitazz  Institute for Disaster Reduction & Emergency Management now covers the African Continent. Founded by professionals with rich humanitarian experiences from natural to complex emergencies around the world, Gravitazz has been established to provide technical and practical support to various clients ranging from governments, private sector companies as well as NGOs. 


dmWhile in some countries across the world, disaster and emergency planning and preparedness have become an integral part of daily life, the African continent is still lagging behind. Most major companies now need to have clear plans on how to deal with disasters, with terrorist attacks, evacuation plans, etc. Unfortunately, it is only when we are hit that we actually start to think of addressing some of the most common hazards. There is therefore need for a significant mindset shift with emphasis on prevention and preparedness than on response.

Gravitazz has been established to help governments, civil society organizations and businesses in establishing and maintaining preparedness mechanisms. We have an assortment of experts from all over the continent and beyond to provide these services.

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