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Since 2012, the institute devotes its work to integrating Disaster Risk Reduction through innovative approaches, evidence-based, policy-relevant and applied research as well as capacity strengthening activities and projects into the pressing continental problems of human survival and development, which stem from the impacts of natural and human-induced disasters and the risks associated with climate change.
The institute supports DRR, Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and emergency management strategies while strengthening humanitarian responses. Gravitazz believes that if governments do not take action to reduce the risks people face from acute crises arising from natural disasters and competition over resources leading to conflict, they will be called upon to help at a later stage when the problem will be much more difficult to address. The organisation therefore pleads for increased investment in resilience building strategies designed to pre-empt uncontrolled crisis situations and appeals for a more pro-active role of the private sector therein.
Gravitazz stresses the need for identification of guiding principles, effective practices and institutional frameworks to help African governments in developing appropriate laws, policies, initiatives and programmes to address environmental hazards and human-induced disasters. Current laws, policies and institutional arrangements are inadequate to deal with the complex disaster risk management cycle. Guiding principles are needed today to shape thinking about how to effectively manage and mitigate disasters in the future.
Gravitazz plays a critical role in spurring and promoting a significant mindset shift with an emphasis on prevention and preparedness, which is an area where the majority of African countries are still lagging behind, rather than governments predominantly concentrating on disaster response and recovery. Its core value therefore lies in its ability to integrate DRR into the sustainable development agenda through innovative approaches.innovative approach
Through innovative approaches and strategies drawing from diverse experiences, Gravitazz develops tailor-made solutions to hazards, natural and human-induced disasters and emergencies for its respective groups of clientele.
Besides, Gravitazz is a member of the Disaster Management Institute for Southern Africa (DMISA) and is the founder and coordinator of DIMA Connect: A Disaster Management Network for Africa; an online platform for information-sharing between disaster risk practitioners and emergency workers from across the continent.
With a clear understanding that community resilience is a pre-requisite to effective disaster prevention, the institute focuses on community-based approaches to DRR through diverse capacity-building projects. Furthermore, Gravitazz’ emergency management services include amongst others support to largely populated cities on how to identify hazards and ultimately develop resilience. This entails developing safety plans, hazard mapping, drawing-up of contingency plans and first aid as a fundamental skill for all residents.

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