Understanding Disaster Risk is the first priority for action of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 (SFDRR). Drawing on the current lack of DRR-related journals in Africa, the Gravitazz quarterly publication series will therefore seek to publish a wide array of views, experiences and best practices from across the continent and beyond, in order to:
  • Contribute to building solid DRR knowledge in the continent;
  • Provide a renowned, specialised and peer-reviewed publication platform for practitioners and experts to publish on issues related to DRR and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA);
  • Promote evidence-based and applied research, knowledge exchange and best practices.
The Gravitazz Publication Series entitled African Perspectives on Disaster Risk Reduction presents a selection of papers drawing from the institute’s extensive network of experts on the African continent with the purpose of providing compelling research-based knowledge on DRR in order to inform the scientific community, media, policy and decision-makers as well as the broader public on pressing topics and future research areas. It will be published on a quarterly basis resulting in four editions per year. It will seek to showcase an array of findings and good practices from the African sub-regions, thus ensuring a balanced representation of sources.


The publication seeks to target the following audiences in the African continent and internationally:
  • The Science, Technology and Academic Community (STAC): including researchers, Master’s/PhD students and scholars;
  • DRR/DRM experts and practitioners; and
  • Policymakers, decision makers
  • Journalists and the media; and
  • The broader public.


Should you have any questions with regards to our quarterly publication, contact the Chief Editor at and/or at