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Our Vision:
“A Disaster-Prepared African Continent”

Our Mission Statement:
“Gravitazz aspires to be Africa’s premier institute on practical Disaster Risk Management and capacity building grounded in evidence-based and policy-relevant research”.

Our Motto:
“Grounded in Our Own Reality”
The rationale behind the Gravitazz’ motto lies in the assumption that we are “grounded in our own African reality”.  African countries have to assume responsibility and act now through joint efforts in addressing DRR before any disaster even strikes.

Our Values:

  • Innovation: We address hazards and natural and human-induced disasters by constantly looking for innovative approaches and solutions.

  • Expertise: We rely on the experience and practical skills of seasoned practitioners in the field of DRR and all matters related.

  • Collaboration: We believe in constructive partnerships. We therefore collaborate with all levels of societies from communities to governments and private sector stakeholders.

  • Adaptability: Disaster Risk Management is all about adaptation. We have therefore been conditioned to adapt to the challenges faced by a fast-changing African continent.

  • Diversity: We embrace cultural diversity. Deeply rooted in the African philosophy of “Ubuntu”, we strive to build resilient and prepared societies on the continent.

our values and mission statement

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